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About Us

GM is an international business development company, specialised in designing and realising processes of development and internationalization for companies in the fields of large-scale works (roads, motorways, airports, hotel & resort, commercial ports and marinas, large building complexes, facilities) and environment (waste, waters , energy).
The business is performed in the view of a sustainable development and smartness green.

We help companies in implementing development processes, both in their home country and abroad, through the definition of strategies based on their sector and country of origin. We assist our clients from the analysis phase to the participation at important international tenders and the further execution and realization steps.

Thanks to the field experience of our senior management, we can count on a broad network of relationship, both with international enterprises and institutions. This represents a fundamental factor when supporting commercial and industrial penetration projects on a tailor made, effective and timely manner.

From some years now, the Company has assisted many enterprises during their development and internationalization processes in the main global markets, with an eye towards emerging economies and fast-developing areas.