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Business development is a cultural process that also entails a deep knowledge of markets and the ability to structure the company in order to operate in a successful manner in the relevant market.
In fact, it is the company that is required to adapt itself to the market, not vice versa.
GM helps its clients in defining development strategies, through a “tailor-made” approach.
Part of our management is represented by business consultants who have developed a deep experience in the worldwide markets by assisting companies in becoming global.

The extended presence of our management in international markets, allows GM to witness the presence of concrete business opportunities.
This service entails the identification of in foreign countries, where GM performs a project management business for international clients.
It is an advisory service, that offers the conception and the implementation of turnkey operative projects to the client.
Mainly, the sectors in which we operate are those of large-scale works (roads, motorways, airports, hotel & resort, commercial ports and marinas, large building complexes, facilities) and environment (waste, waters , energy). The business is performed in view of a sustainable development.

GM offers assistance and advisory in M&A operations (sales, mergers, purchases). Listen carefully the customer needs, evaluate their concerns and understand the relative objectives, represent the cornerstone of our advisory in M&A operations.
GM’ Management is able to follow the Client thanks to consistent working groups, that are able to deal with all the aspects of the transaction, within the agreed time-frame. We are also able to deal with regulatory, fiscal and administrative aspects, as well as with the most complex aspects related to compliance, including regulations that apply on a transitional and international level.
We can provide, for both companies and international holdings, the best assistance for mergers and acquisitions. In the same way a Private Equity fund can be assisted in investment and disinvestment operations.
Also an entrepreneur, when selling the company that he created, can count on maximising the value of the operation and minimize every possible risk.
GM is able to assist the customer in the purchase or in the sale of shares, in the sale of companies or of branches of them and in the formation of joint ventures.
With our expertise, we are assisting the client even when M&A transactions are accompanied by contributions, mergers, acquisitions and/or by revising the corporate governance structure of the target company.
For listed companies, we also follow transactions that involve delicate analysis of the obligation to promote a public purchase offer and, if it is the case, the management of the OPA in all its aspects, including relations with the regulator and with all other interested parties: even in all these cases, we will follow you with experience in every possible direction of the operation.
With the technical expertise that the market recognizes to our Management, we combine an incomparable knowledge of the specific areas that we have thanks to our Focus Team.

Thank to its international offices and a strong international collaborative network (created by means of years of experience in this field), GM provides commercial solutions that have revenue increase in the short/medium term and the international presence of the client as main purpose.
GM is able to offer a “turnkey” service of sectorial showrooms, which has, as its main purpose, the promotion and marketing of the companies and of their products and services.
The ability to increase the international presence depends, among others, on market visibility.
On this basis GM organises and manages sectorial showrooms in the countries where it is present.
GM is able to provide a procurement in outsourcing service in the Business field (acquisition of contract for products/services/know-how, etc) and in the Supplier field (search of reliable and qualified suppliers), where it takes the office of finding the best sources at the most convenient prices. We perform this activity with the lowest risk thanks to economies of scale, the perfect balance between Supply and Demand and the involvement of an important international network.
GM is able to provide support services, export management and operational support in the marketing for international markets.

We support the business development by providing financial resources, by means of low-interest financing, extraordinary finance, and finance for internationalisation.
GM, through its project finance service, allows the identification and activation of sources that aims to develop specific projects, with an eye to commercial, industrial and internationalisation projects. This entails risk capital, fundings and insurances.
GM, through its internal service, allows clients to raise funds at conditions which are more advantageous than those of the market, by means of European, national and local aids, that the competent authority provides to enterprises for the territorial development and the improvement of competitiveness of the economic system as a whole.
GM offers, through its corporate finance service, the optimization of the finance within the company.
This is a fundamental variable for processes optimisation. These may consist in cash pooling operations, trade finance, and operations that aim to optimise treasury.

People are the basis on which entrepreneurial performances are built. By improving people, also the business improves.
An advanced methodological training allows you to increase the level of knowledge and specialization. Above all, it encourages the development of personal skills, the ability to apply the methodologies according to integrated business programs and the ability to work in teams in order to achieve common goals.
Typically, the GM training activity of human recourses is focused on issues that are the subject of our consultancy: business planning, project management, management analysis and control, organization and evaluation of staff, marketing, CSR.
Indeed, we are aware that in order to win the challenges proposed by an increasingly complex and competitive market, knowledge and know-how must be transmitted.